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Pessimism about democracy?

Western democracy has proved to be the best of the political regimes mankind has tried in centuries. It does not mean it is a perfect system, but we have not found anything better. However, many people of the most advanced democracies think that the dream of extending free rights and the government from the citizens is sometimes turning into a nighmare. The fall of socialist experiments apparently left the only way to democracy, but twenty years after, it seems that some countries can survive without respecting the democratic rule and be accepted as decent members of the international community. It seems we prefer to maintain the statu quo and not disturbing the fragile peace with the democratic ‘obsession’.

A New National Security Strategy: Cooperation, Visibility and Good Bye to the Cold War


A long time ago, Alexis de Tocqueville wrote in Democracy in America that were going to sacrifice freedom in favour of security. It is the logical evolution of democracy, where citizens are frightened by the threats of insurgent people who want to destroy their confortable althoug sometimes unfair system. The last terrible episodes of our recent History show that the military confrontation between countries has been replaced by the fight against those destructive groups. The attackers could come from other countries but also they could be people without national indetity. Even they are members of our communities.

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