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Año: 2013

The Bilderberg Meetings: A Matter of Transparency

Hotel Bilderberg

The think tank environment is not a popular issue for a majority of citizens. As they are elitist political institutions, individuals do not know what are their goals. Therefore, it is usual that when somebody out from politics read something about think tanks, he thinks it is a shadow power which contributes to an invisible governance of the world. Sometimes it seems he is not not in a mistake, at least if the organization has a low public profile.

Think Tanks in the World: The State of the Art (II)

The 2012 Global Go To Think Tanks Report and Policy Advice is the most updated source we have (apart from books and academic papers which are published less regularly) to know the evolution of think tanks. It is based in a survey conducted among journalists, experts and institute officials. «The Program’s Rankings remain the first and most comprehensive ranking of the world’s top think tanks, and are based on an annual global peer and expert survey of over 1950 scholars, policymakers, journalists, and regional and subject area experts».

Think Tanks in the World: The State of the Art (I)

Supporters of think tanks say they have a enormous influence in the public policy marketplace. But the fact is that their stardom is not as important as they should. Many people know nothing about the world of think tanks. Even they are not able to explain the meaning of the cryptic word.

A Future for the Welfare State?

The Crisis has accelerated the defeat of the partisans of the traditional Welfare State. It seems there are no arguments to support public services, even the most essential. However, this mantra of the great capitalism is not shared by the public sentiment.

The Perfect Politocrat

This is not a time for leaders, it is said. The Heroes a fallen society waits for are not coming. Our leaders are manufactured and educated by the great Economicburó who governs the world on behalf of these spurious gods called ‘The Markets’. They are vanish leaders, somebody you can easily replace by another younger and more telegenic Premier. People say they do what the Bilderberg Club o the Davos Forum dictate like a loyal butler who never question an order. May be true.

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