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Poor labour policies in Europe

One of the most ugly faces of the economic crisis is unemployment. There are countries in the South of Europe where the unemployment rate is around the 25 %. In the last four years we have broken the raising line we followed from the nineties. In fact, many of the objectives of the Lisbon Agenda on this matter have failed.

Youth and prosperity

Young people is our hope. This is one  the reasons  why we have children and work to give them a better life. We expect that when they become adult they will take the baton we pass as getting older. An that they will perform a better race. However, I am not very sure that we can follow in a permanent progress. It is emerging the belief that the next generations are not going to be so prosperous. It is clear young people are enjoying a superb standard of living in developed countries, but it does not happen the same in other places.

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