It is stimulating (Please not to confuse with stimulus plans or whatever) to discover the strength of new approaches to the progress of economy and the human being in general terms. This is the case of the biomedical field, which is opening a new frontier to the extension of life and to the development of a economic sector with a huge future. Far from expired economic recipes recommending to insist in public expenditure, financial engineering or real state, this sector shows that the next economic lanscape will be linked to serious Research, Development and Innovation, where science plays a major role. In a similar way than the renewable energy sector (but with less protectionism and ideological bias), the biomedical field is emerging in several developed countries and obtaining big investments from entrepreneurial institutions. In fact, many Governments are working desperately to set up biomedical clusters in their areas, but it is not only a matter of money and facilities. Highly educated human capital has the key to success in this sector and a long experience in medical sciences and engineering are also needed. You cannot improvise.