Among other also bad consequences, economic crisis is playing a key role in the growing weakness of the public debate. We understand that political firemen are very busy looking for a a way to solve the financial nightmare but it is not healthy the rest of us are only thinking on macroeconomics. A big number of hot questions are waiting for public policy decisions. We should remember that in terms of global stability we were not very comfortable two years ago. Economic situation has worsened, but other problems have not gone better.

It is the case of the nuclear threat. Nuclear energy is being discussed because more people agree to a revival in its use. Fourth generation plant and the need to generate a lot of cheap energy are harder arguments than the points of the environmentalists and socialist political parties. The nuclear lobby enjoys to be listened by a bigger audience and there are many plans to increase the number of atomic power plants in all over the Western world. We have not solved the problem of the nuclear waste, but it seems we do not care about next generations as we did.